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Artist Collaboration

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Father and daughter artists collaborate on new Bird Book.

A Play on Birds

A Play on Birds -

A collaboration with my artist father, Don Konrad. A Play on Birds is a book of imaginary birds, set up like a field guide. Part fiction, part fact - a perfect gift for a bird lover. Whether it’s in the name of the bird itself or facts hidden in the descriptive categories, these birds harbour secrets on how they connect to other real birds and real places in the world - a treasure hunt of sorts. This book was written differently than most illustrated books in that Don created the birds first and Erica, was then inspired to write about that bird. Art first, text later. Funding generously provided by Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance and Columbia Basin Trust.

Books are $25./each and part of the proceeds go to creating an Artist Residency at The Narrows, with a focus on Art and Ecology.

Birds by Don Konrad, words by Erica Konrad.

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