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A Part From Nature

Gratitude, wonder and a sense of protection is a common emotion when one experiences awe inspiring nature. Despair of what is happening to our planet is another emotion. Standing outside of the natural world, looking in, observing, rather than simply being part of, is a constant struggle that I find myself navigating. Creating a visual dialogue, my work examines the duality of preservation and human use. Encased in wax, obscured but suggested, my work attempts to provide the viewer with a starting point to begin contemplating their own relationship with the wild and how they relate.  In a world, where climate change and news of despair is constant, the use of pure, natural substances such as wax, silk and thread, and white, calming colours is intentional to view issues introspectively. Embedding objects and images aims to invigorate our buried instinct to connect with wild spaces and species.  As we lose our connection with wild spaces and species, using beeswax as the primary medium is intentional, to serve as a reminder to the viewer that we are part of the cycle itself, part of the wild, embedded in, anchored to, part of. It is my intention to fuse memory, freeze the moment, and symbolically strengthen our connection to the Earth.

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