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Fragments of Memories

​A series of paintings with a strong call and response element. This series include an approach similar to musicians jamming – playing off the notes of each other, or improv dance - with each point of physical contact providing the starting point for the next movement. The paintings are based on responding to a mark made in wax as an expression of energy, a story unfolding as I build up layers of wax.  In this series, I aim to achieve a rhythm and a resolution within myself which matches that which is visible on the surfaces of my paintings. These works take shape from fragments of memories, childhood recollections as well as present day adventures. A thought, a feeling, is introduced to the canvas, through shapes and forms observed in my landscape. These markings gives hints of knowledge that we carry through life… like the early marks made by children - the crossed lines, dots, simple squares, the scratches, the loops and the sensory experience of the beeswax material itself. A process that results in images, reflective of present experiences, while also referring to snapshots of memories from the past.  Continually inspired by the natural world, images present themselves while I paint. I respond with a push and pull to completion, gesture and mark making representing a flow or force.

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